Since semi-retiring I’ve had time to catch up on my reading and last summer (2012) thought it would be fun to form a book club. But not just any book club, it would be a book club for foodies, an opportunity for me to cook and entertain my friends on a monthly basis and have a lively literary discussion.

I am a good cook, enjoy reading cookbooks in my spare time, and always love experimenting with new recipes and food. Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) several years ago as well as eliminating meat from my diet, happily, forced me to cook with new ingredients. June through November, I especially, enjoy figuring out what to make with each week’s bounty from the farmer. Even thought I live in Manhattan I love being connected to the seasons and the source of my food.

The meals I prepare for the book club are made from what is in season and primarily organic. Entertaining gives me an excuse to purchase ingredients at specialty stores I might not otherwise splurge on. But since it can be expensive and I am on a budget I keep track of my expenses and split the cost between myself and everyone who R.S.V. P. s that month. The day before we meet I send out an email with the menu and cost per person, which includes wine and beer.

One of the woman each month upon leaving would compliment me by saying I should write a cookbook. But, because only a few of the recipes are my own and most are modified recipes from my extensive and growing cookbook library or found online I thought that would be cheating. But, then I had a light bulb moment and realized “Cooking for the Book Club” would be prefect for a blog.