The Menu

Delicata Squash stuffed with Coconut Curry Swiss Chard and Chickpeas
Lime Forbidden Rice
Apple and Carrot Casserole
Dandelion, Arugula and Radish Salad
Pumpkin Spice Cake (not included in the cost per person)
White Wine
$10 per person based on 6 people

October’s Book Selection

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese


Most of the ingredients for the meal I had on hand, so when my plans to purchase the produce at the Fall Festival in western mass were foiled it was easy to do my shopping back in New York City on monday before preparing Tuesday’s meal.

Since switching to coconut or grape seed oil when cooking at high temperature instead of olive oil, I’ve wanted to also focus on using coconut milk and planned to incorporate it into my meal for the book club. While in Massachusetts I experimented with making the coconut curry stuffed delicata squash and liking the results decided to prepare it for the discriminating foodies at book club.

Right down the road from me in western mass is an ecofriendly orchard. Which means they use least amount of spray possible, so having bought a bag of mixed apples while walking the dog, it was a no brainer that, of course, I would use them in the meal too. The apples I selected from the cart consisted of my two favorites, gala and macintosh apples.

To balance out the sweetness and richness of both the apples and stuffed squash I choose to offer a bit of tartness with lime flavored rice and bitterness with a strong-tasting bitter salad of dandelion and arugula greens with radishes and pomegranates.

Erin made a devilishly delicious Halloween dessert using pumpkin.

I am always appreciative when a silence overtakes the dinner and everyone begins eating and obviously, enjoying the meal.