The Menu

Orange Farro Beets Salad
Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Grape with Pomegranate Glaze
Indian Spiced Roasted Cauliflower
Cranberry Apple Pie and Ice Cream (not included in the cost per person)
White Wine
$10 per person based on 6 people

November’s Book Selection

The Hare with Amber Eyes, a Hidden Inheritance by Edmund De Waal


Unlike the rest of the United States, Thanksgiving came a week early for the book club. My biggest challenge was preparation. I had to go into the office for about 5 hours before having everyone come to my home at 7. Fortunately, the festive meal while labor intensive had components that could be done the day before, leaving only some slicing, dicing, and roasting the day of the meeting. In a relaxed three hours before everyone arrived, I chopped the cauliflower, toasted the walnuts, peeled the navel oranges, roasted the vegetables, made the glaze, tossed the farro and beet salad and set the table.

Since the meal called for a lot of roasted vegetables I had to coordinate the order I prepared everything so dishes would be the right temperature when served.

A lot of preparation was completed the night before. The beets roasted, the skins removed and the beets wrapped in plastic. The farro cooked and placed in the refrid to chill. The brussels sprouts cleaned, sliced and stored in the refrid.

First thing I did when I got home from the office was slice the cauliflower, mixed it with the spices and then roasted it. While it cooled I roasted the brussels sprouts. I was able to prepare and combine the ingredients for the Orange Farro Beet Salad while the cauliflower roasted, setting it aside to be finished with the goat cheese and walnut right before serving.

Farro beets salad

The brussels sprout were set aside once they had roasted too. When everyone had arrived and were busy talking over a glass of wine I reheated the cauliflower and brussels sprouts, serving them warm and the salad room temperature.

Erin out did herself this month bringing a sumptuous Cranberry Apple Pie.

For the first time since we’ve met everyone liked the booked. Although we had our doubts about the book when each began it. By the middle of the book, we were throughly engaged.

Erin's pie