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Spiced Candied Walnuts

Maybe it is because I am in New England or that I have the time but I am enjoying being in the Holiday spirit of giving and thinking about family and friends both new and old. Even though it is unseasonably warm which I don’t mind, as I still expect any number of difficulties ahead for my first winter in the country, the holiday season is evident everywhere. During the day animated winter scenes dot the country roads and at night festive lights aluminate houses along otherwise pitch black roads. If only I were a passenger as I was in my childhood rather than the driver I could enjoy the display with more delight. I fondly remember piling into my father’s car for excursions through different Pittsburgh neighborhoods to see Christmas decorations on front lawns celebrating the holidays. Read more

Two Favorites — Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts— Roasted Together

It’s the saturday after Thanksgiving and I am craving some traditional holiday fare. This year’s celebration while throughly enjoyable forged a rather untraditional direction as far as food went. A cousin and her husband who I hadn’t seen in nearly a decade came to my home for a nibble before setting out to a restaurant in Pittsfield. Chosen by my cousin for it menu which didn’t include traditional holiday’s fixing, it was delicious. Read more